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When an author(s) submits a manuscript for publication consideration, he or she agrees to abide by publication requirements of Scholars Middle East Publisher.

Submitted manuscript content is original, not plagiarized; and not submitted elsewhere for review/publication.

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The author(s) acknowledgement that:

1.      The manuscript submitted is his/her own original work.

2.      All authors participated in the work in a substantive way and prepared to take public responsibility for the work.

3.      All authors have seen the approved the manuscript has submitted.

4.      The manuscript has not been published and is not being submitted or considered for publication elsewhere.

5.      The text, illustrations, and any other materials included in the in the manuscript do not infringe upon any existing copyright or other rights of anyone.

Notwithstanding the above, the contribution(s) or, if applicable the contributor’s Employer, retain(s) all proprietary rights other rights other than copyright, such as

1.      Patent rights:

2.      To use, free of charge, all parts of this article for the author’s future works in books, lectures, classroom teaching or oral presentations.

3.      The right to reproduce the article for their own purpose provided the copies are not offered for sale.


I corresponding / main author indemnify the above mention journal and the Editors of the Journal, and hold them harmless from any loss, expenses or damage occasioned by a claim or suit by a third party copyright infringement, or any suit arising out of any breach for the foregoing warranties as a result of publication of my/our article. I also state that the article contains no libelous or unlawful statements and does not contain material or instructions that might cause harm or injury.

The authors are requested to send Scanned copy of duly signed declaration form to


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